Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Many film enthusiasts will remember the large dunes through which Peter O´Took, Omar Sharif and Anthony Quinn rode on camel back in Lawrence of Arabía. For those who don't know, these same dunes can be seen by anyone visiting Cabo de Gata-Níjar, which is where many scenes from the legendary film were shot. For the most spectacular of these scenes, in which a train is blown up, a track of 2.5 kilomtres was built and the producers purchased two entire trains from Spain's national train service. This same landscapeis what atrracted John Lenon to Almería, who collaborated in the film How I Won the War and who later rented a beach-front house for the celebration of his 26th birthday together wich fellow-Beatle Ringo Star.
San Miguel de Cabo de Gata was turned into an Arab village for the film Patton, where the sequence of a plane attack on the village was filmed, while the dunes were transformed into a cementary. Directors like Oliver Stone must have liked what they saw because they brought over their crews to Almería to shoot filmslike Conan the Barbarian, whose scene of the hero being crucified was shot here. Never Say Never, the last picture in which Bond was played by Sean Connery, used the Almería coast and its beautiful date palm groves for the underwater and beach scenes, while Los Escullos an the beach of Mónsul were used for the last Indiana Jones films.

Again Patton gave rise to Sun Miguel at Cabo de Gata being transformed into a large Arab settlement where the sequence of a German air attack was filmed.