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What to do

Natural Spring Trail (Ruta de las Fuentes)

No writing regarding Berja can be complete without mentioning the abundant natural springs found here. Civilisations could not have survived here without this source of fresh water - the Romans made good use of them and the Arabs decorated them and made them the focal points of their communities and gardens.
In the 19th century the Berja Springs became more important. The water, most of which comes from the ‘Sierra de Gádor’ mountains, was used by the growing city and the impressive lead mining industry and played a major role in Berja becoming one of the most important in Almería in the 1800s.
In total there are more than 30 springs and fountains, divided between rural and urban areas. Their location allows visitors to follow their route, not just to admire each individual fountain and it’s architectural style, but to also take in the myriad of surroundings; the artistic, cultural, historical and natural heritage of the area.

Photo. 'Fount of Dieciséis Caños'
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'Out of Town' Fountain Route.
'Town Centre' Fountain Route.

Sierra de Gádor Trail Network

The Sierra de Gádor holds an impressive netork of hiking trails, of which one of the best known is that found in the Castala Natural Park. From here you can easily reach the neighbouring areas of Dalías, Fondón and Laujar de Andarax. These trails, covering almost 100km, were historically used by miners, forest workers, shepherds, bee keepers and hunters etc and are now restored for our enjoyment. They are also the location of the endurance mountain race held every year, now looking forward to the seventh edition.
There is also a hiking club in existence that organises excursions several times a month. These are for all ages and those wanting to experience the nature on hand in this stunning area.
For more information José Lopez can be contacted:
Telephone: (0034) 950 49 00 07 and (0034) 950 49 12 57
E-mail: senderismoelcerezo@hotmail.com   
Local Authorities kindly remind all that for safety reasons people should never leave the marked routes. This is an old mining area.

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Sierra de Gádor Trail Network.


  • Under no circumstances leave the marked trail, remembering at all times that this is an old mining area.
  • Prepare your route based on your fitness levels and experience. Remember that not all areas can be accessed by car.
  • Spring and autumn are the better seasons to enjoy the trails. In winter, extreme caution should be exercised to ensure safety and enjoyment.
  • Watch the weather forecasts and be aware of daylight hours available.
  • Always carry plenty of water.
  • Respect any private properties encountered.
  • If you smoke, ensure any matches are extinguished and take any cigarette remains with you.
  • Do not light any fires.
  • Do not leave any rubbish; there is no collection service in these areas.
  • Do not disturb the wildlife or remove any plants.
  • Respect the silence of the surrounding nature.
  • Respect the mountains.
  • Enjoy, but keep the area safe and clean – it is the heritage and for the enjoyment of everyone.

Bicycle Trails

Following the many hiking trails found within the Sierra de Gádor mountains range, the area can also be explored on two wheels (of the non-motorised variety). For those wishing to join them, the Berja Mountain Bike Club offers an open door policy for anyone looking to take part on one of their many excursions.