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The 10th International Short Film Festival "Almería en corto" will take place in Almería (Spain) from Monday, December 5th through Friday, December 9th, 2011. The Festival is organized by the County Council of Almería.


All domestically or internationally produced short films,  shall be considered for competition filmed in 35 mm or 16 mm, or in High Definition Video. The films should not last longer than 30 minutes (credits included).

The production date must be after January 1, 2010.


a. All producers or directors who own the rights to the film they are submitting are eligible for the International Short Film Competition.

b. Each participant may submit as many films as desired. Each film submitted must be accompanied by an entry form and shipped on an individual tape or reel.

c. The films must be presented in their original language.  If the language is not Spanish (Castilian), the original script and a translation to Spanish or English must be included.

d. The films submitted must be produced after January 1, 2010. Films selected in previous “Almeria en corto” festivals will not be admitted.


Selected films will be screened exclusively in High Definition Video. Selected films will be sent in a .mov file, with H.264 coded, progresive.


In order to enter, a copy of the film must be sent on DVD Zone 2, and accompanied by a duly completed entry form (or may be sent online at the Festival webpage: the October 26th, 2011 deadline. Submissions will be accepted provided that they are postmarked October 26, 2011, as long as the name of the film and the director are sent by fax or online at the Festival webpage before 11:59 pm on October 26, 2011. The sent material must arrive within 7 calendar days.

Send entries to:
Diputación Provincial de Almería
10th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes “Almería en corto”
Centro de Servicios Múltiples
Negociado de Recursos
Carretera Ronda, 216
04009 Almería
Phone. +34 950 211 346
Fax. +34 950 211 214

All entry forms (annex 1) must include the following:

  1. Two digital photographs (300 ppp jpg, no larger than 1Mb) taken from the film.
  2. Synopsis (300 characters maximum, including spaces)
  3. The bio-filmography of the director(s) and/or production company (400 character maximum, including spaces)
  4. A digital photograph (300 ppp jpg, no larger than 1Mb.) of the director(s).
  5. A copy of the original script of the short films with a translation into Spanish or English (mandatory).

All this documentation is mandatory in order to be eligible for the International Short Film Competition. Participants authorize the organization to use frames, photographs and extracts from the films for promotional purposes in any form of media for the purposes of promoting and disseminating this Festival. The information sent for the selection of films may appear in the festival’s advertising and promotions unless it is requested otherwise within a maximum of five days after the selection.

The organization assumes that the individual or group submitting the work holds all the copyright and other exhibition rights for the material submitted, in addition to authorization to receive the prize, should the film be a collective work. Under no circumstances shall the organization accept any responsibility that might arise due to the infraction of this clause.


A Selection Committee composed of media professionals and members of the organizational staff will select the films to be screened at the festival from among all the films received. The decisions shall be announced no earlier than November 8, 2011.
Selected films must be sent for screening, before November 22, 2011, in a .mov file, with H.264 codec, britate between 30 Mbps and 50 Mbps, progresive. This file can be saved and sent in a dvd, blu-ray, memory card (compact flash or sd), and usb memory to:
Diputación Provincial de Almería
10th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes “Almería en corto”
Centro de Servicios Múltiples
Negociado de Recursos
Carretera Ronda, 216
04009 Almería


A jury (made up of professionals from the fields of cinema, art, and culture, along with members of the organization who will have a say but not a vote) will choose the winners from among all the films officially selected for competition.

- Prize for Best International Short Film, to be awarded 8,000 € and a trophy.
- Prize for Best National Short Film, to be awarded 4.000 € and a trophy.
- Audience Award for Best Short Film, to be awarded 3,500 € and a trophy.
- RTVA Award for Andalusian Audiovisual Creation (in partnership with Social Work of Cajasol), to be awarded 1,500 € and a trophy. This award includes the purchase of three years of nonexclusive broadcasting rights by RTVA and the rights to a DVD version to be distributed free of charge, with a maximum of 2.000 copies. The jury for this award will be made up of professionals designated by RTVA and the Festival Organization ( Andalusian Audiovisual Creation is a film produced or directed by andalusian people (to participate in that award is mandatory to give these details in the entry form).
- Award for Almería Best Short Film, to be awarded 1.200 € and trophy.
- Award for Best Screenplay, to be awarded 600 €, and a trophy.
- Gil Parrondo Award for Best Artistic Director, to be awarded 600 € and a trophy.
- Cecilio Paniagua Award for Best Photography, to be awarded 600 € and a trophy.
- Award for Best Performance, to be awarded 600 € and a trophy.
- Award from Asociación de Periodistas de Almería, for best performance in Short Film from Almería.
- Special Award for Values and Human Rights-Amnesty International, to be awarded a trophy. This award shall be granted by a jury designated by Amnesty International.

One person/film may be awarded multiple prizes. No special mentions shall be given.
In all cases, the awards will be paid through bank transfer.
All prizes are subject to applicable tax laws. The award winners must provide a photocopy of their National Tax Number (N.I.F.), as a prior requirement for the bank transfer.
These awards, with the exceptions of the award for best decoration, best photography, best screenplay and best performance, shall be paid out to the person or production company whose name appears on the Entry Form.


Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the participants. Any filmed received that is not in its original format will not be admitted.

DVD copies for selection, and selected copies, will not be returned and will become part of the archive of the festival.

The copies of the films awarded best international short film, best national short film, audience award, and best Almería short film, shall become the property of the film archives of the County Council of Almería, who hold the right to use said short films for screening, as long as it is done so in a cultural and nonprofit manner within the county of Almería.


Participation in the 10th International Short Film Festival “Almeria en corto” implies the acceptance of all the terms and conditions listed above as well as the resolution by the organization of any problem not stated herein.



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