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Welcome to the economic development site

In compliance with its duty to ensure the exercise of municipal competencies, particularly, the "promotion of economic and social development in the framework of regional planning," the Almeria City Council assumes the promotion of sustainable economic development and social cohesion in the province of Almeria as its main challenge.

The Delegation of Employment and Economic Advancement works alongside local corporations in the design and development of an action plan which permits a boost to the provincial economy and significantly affects the economic and social welfare of local communities, paying special attention to areas affected by demographic challenges such as depopulation or aging.

The local initiatives were defined following the guidelines for the Europe 2020 strategy, in collaboration with the key players in the territory (town councils, entrepreneurs, economic and social agents, the third sector and citizens) and is mostly co-financed by European, regional and/or national funds. These are placed within the fields of promotion of economic activity and improvement of job training. This approach involves developing a strategy with the following courses of action:

  • Creating awareness, mobilisation, information, training, requalification and professional recycling, focused on activating and invigorating the labour market, improving employability and training for residents and correcting the problem of capabilities being inadequate for the real needs of companies. Among these courses of action, the job fairs, integrated and personalised insertion training itineraries, employment workshops or workshop schools are noteworthy.
  • Projects aimed at supporting the business sector and promoting competitiveness within the territory as well as social cohesion, through interventions that promote the search for new opportunities, the development of competitive advantages and the use of endogenous resources. There are also projects aimed at the promotion of entrepreneurial capacity and self-employment or business professionalization and digital transformation of companies.
  • To this end, the Delegation coordinates regional business development plans in the provincial territory, promotes the promotion of local commerce through campaigns to support local commerce or recognises the value of Corporate Social Responsibility through the RSE Awards, Almeria City Council, among other initiatives.