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Diputación de Almería views training as an essential way to bring Europe closer to the province. That is why one of the priorities of training is to develop the professionalism of human resources in European matters in our territory and the municipalities that comprise it, to ensure that they participate knowledgeably in the European debate.

Likewise, due to the specialisation required in the management of European issues, it is essential to have permanent training programmes.

Based on the above, the European Initiatives Unit manages, coordinates, and participates in training activities in community matters in collaboration with the Department of Training of the Area of Human Resources and Internal Regime of the Diputación, with the University of Almería, and with local development groups of the province.

“À la carte” training is also offered within this service, which aims to satisfy more specific training demands of the provincial council and local entities of the province, or specialised groups on specific aspects of “European reality”.

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